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The iFP Initiative
The iFP Initiative, short for Independent Financial Planning was initiated with a Single Purpose, which is to promote independence in making financial decisions.
They way we do it is to simplify the concept of personal financial planning and share  this knowledge, which must be translated into practical skills that will empower the man on the streets with daily applicable strategies on how we can manage our money better.
Let’s not take it for granted! In todays thriving economy, we are well aware that without a solid financial knowledge and foundation, it will be tough for everyone. So this initiative is where we combine practical theory with actual experiences that I myself have gone through or have learned from real people.
Through the iFP series of initiative, either through the trainings and seminars that we do or evan the consulting services that we provide, we uphold our value proposition. That is to be Independent, giving you unbiased information and the facts and figures for your own comparisons.
This we hope will empower more individuals with the ability to make better financial decisions for themselves and their family or businesses.
We look forward to working with you in spreading this Independent Initiative.
Till then, I wish you well in all that you do.
Al Jazzura
All rights reserved 2011
Empowering Individuals Through Financial Education